How I rate the recipes

Here are the different symbols that appear on my recipes – and what they mean.

Wheat FreeWheat Free Recipes are ones that can be made without wheat. My dog Luigi gets itchy if he eats wheat, so for most of my recipes I use rice flour instead of all-purpose flour.

Vegetarian If the recipe has this symbol, then they are vegetarian. Sometimes you may need to use a vegetable stock cube instead of a meat one.

Bone Rating Bone Rating Bone Rating

The bone ratings show how easy the recipe is to make.

When I make a recipe, I think about how long it takes me, what ingredients and equipment I need, and how easy the whole thing was.

If it is quick and uses simple ingredients then I make it an easy bone rating.

If it uses something more complicated, or it takes me longer, then it gets a two bone rating of tricky.

If I have to get my Mom to help – or it is really fiddly, then I give it a three bone rating of hard.

I hope that this will help you to choose which recipe is right for you to try.

Bone Rating If you can make the recipe using all organic ingredients, then I use this organic symbol.

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    • The same as normal food Anne – a few days or a bit longer in the fridge. Most of them freeze well though – we take out a few at a time to defrost.