Results of Crufts Dog Show

Luigi and I love to watch the Crufts Dog show, and see the Crufts Winners.

****Update 2013****
The 2013 winner of Crufts was Jilly, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen – the first winner from the hound group since 2004! Jilly’s owners are Sara and Gavin Robertson.

I hope he got given some homemade dog treats!


I wanted to know which breed of dog had won the most so I made this pie-chart of the results. You can see that Gun dogs have won most often (22 times!).

Crufts Winners Results by dog breed

Here is which breed won for each year:

Year Group Breed
2013 Hound Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
2012 Utility Lhasa Apso
2011 Gun Dog Flat Coated Retriever
2010 Gun Dog Hungarian Vizsla
2009 Terrier Sealyham Terrier
2008 Working Giant Schnauzer
2007 Terrier Tibetan Terrier
2006 Working Australian Shepherd
2005 Terrier Norfolk Terrier
2004 Hound Whippet
2003 Toy Pekingese
2002 Utillity Poodle (standard)
2001 Hound Basenji
2000 Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier
1999 Gun Dog Irish Setter
1998 Terrier Welsh Terrier
1997 Toy Yorkshire Terrier
1996 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1995 Gun Dog Irish Setter
1994 Terrier Welsh Terrier
1993 Gun Dog Irish Setter
1992 Hound Whippet
1991 Gun Dog Spanial (Clumber)
1990 Terrier West Highland white
1989 Working Bearded Collie
1988 Gun Dog English Setter
1987 Hound Afghan Hound
1986 Terrier Airdale Terrier
1985 Utillity Poodle (standard)
1984 Toy Lhasa Apso
1983 Hound Afghan Hound
1982 Utillity Poodle (Toy)
1981 Gun Dog Irish Setter
1980 Gun Dog Retriever (Flat Coated)
1979 Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier
1978 Terrier Fox Terrier
1977 Gun Dog English Setter
1976 Terrier West Highland white
1975 Terrier Fox Terrier
1974 Working St Bernard
1973 Toy Cavalier King Charles
1972 Terrier Bull Terrier
1971 Pastrol German Shepherd
1970 Pastrol Pyrnean Mountin Dog
1969 Pastrol German Shepherd
1968 Utillity Dalmatian
1967 Terrier Lakeland Terrier
1966 Utillity Poodle (Toy)
1965 Pastrol German Shepherd
1964 Gun Dog English Setter
1963 Terrier Lakeland Terrier
1962 Terrier Fox Terrier
1961 Terrier Airdale Terrier
1960 Hound Irish Wolfhound
1959 Terrier Welsh Terrier
1958 Gun Dog Pointer
1957 Utillity Keeshond
1956 Hound GreyHound
1955 Utillity Poodle (standard)
1953 Working Great dane
1952 Utillity Bull Dog
1951 Terrier Welsh Terrier
1950 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1948 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1939 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1938 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1937 Gun Dog Labrador Retriever
1936 Utillity Chow Chow
1935 Gun Dog Pointer
1934 Hound GreyHound
1933 Gun Dog Labrador Retriever
1932 Gun Dog Labrador Retriever
1931 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1930 Gun Dog Cocker Spaniel
1929 Terrier Scothish Terrier
1928 Hound Greyhound

Shh! Don’t tell Luigi that Coton-De-Tulears have never been Crufts winners.

You can find out more about Crufts at or keep up to date with news about crufts at the Guardian.

If you would like to find out more about the breeds, then the American Kennel Club is a good place to look.

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