There are some dangerous dog treats that can be fatal to dogs.

Even if you are making your own healthy dog treats, you need to watch out for certain ingredients. Here’s a list of poisonous foods you need to avoid.

Chocolate is one of the more well known human food that can be dangerous to a dog. Here is a list of other poisonous foods.

dangerous dog treats

  1. Grapes and Raisins.
  2. Onions.
  3. Chocolate.
  4. Caffeine.
  5. Macadamia nuts.
  6. Seeds (such as apple seeds).
  7. Walnuts.
  8. Garlic.
  9. Turkey skin.
  10. Avacado.
  11. Green or sprouting potato skins.
  12. Apricot Stone.
  13. Apple Seeds.
  14. Cherry Seeds.
  15. Peach Stone.
  16. Mushrooms.
  17. Nutmeg – dangerous if consumed in large amounts.
  18. Alcohol.
  19. Tea and Coffee.
  20. Wikipedia says that green tomatoes are not good in a dog’s diet because they contain tomatine, which is harmful to them. But red tomatoes are fine.
  21. It says here that moldy food can also make dangerous dog treats.
  22. Small balls, toys, and chicken or turkey bones can be choked on by dogs. Cooked bones are also too brittle for a dog to eat safely – it is better to stick to raw bones.
  23. If your dog eats too much then it will get fat which can be fatal.

If you think you pet has been poisoned by one of the above foods, then you should call a vet – especially if he is vomiting or showing signs of lethargy.

How ill he may get will depend upon how big he is, and how much of the food he has eaten. My pet has had small amounts of onion and garlic and it hasn’t caused any problems. He once also stole an after-eight! Again – this was just a small amount of chocolate so he was fine. But it does pay to keep an eye out – and keep the wrong type of dangerous ingredients out of reach.

As well as these dangerous foodstuffs, there are other ingredients that may not be very healthy for your pet. Dog food allergies can be caused by things like wheat or diary products. And just like humans – too much sugar will make your pet fat.

But there are lots of safe foods that can be used to make easy homemade dog treats. And some things, like pumpkin for dogs can actually be a superfood.

It is easy to keep your pet safe and healthy once you know what to avoid. Safe and nutritious treats, served up with love, will always be appreciated!

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Dangerous Dog Treats — 3 Comments

  1. Garlic used to be prescribed by Vets for flea prevention. We usde it for years with no ill effects. I even had a Springer eat an entire 1 lb. box of Chocolate Macadamia nuts, and nothing. I have 4 dogs now who steal and eat walnuts no effects. So many of the things listed as toxic are only toxic in HUGE quantities or are simply foodstuffs that a particular dog may be allergic to, like a child and peanuts.

    Dogs are omnivores and do quite well scavenging without killing themselves. That being said, what is killing our dogs are the processed foods and treats we feed them thinking that we are doing the right thing. We aren’t! Would we feed our kids or ourselves the food we feed our dogs? True some parents feed their kids a crappy processed diet thinking they are doing the right thing. WE need to get our dogs off of a diet based on Carbohydrates and lacking in high quality proteins and fats. Just like with people they need their
    veggies too!

  2. My dog, a Lab. mix mutt, eats tons of avocadoes, when they come into season. He has never had any problems with avocadoes. Maybe, it is breed specific?