Easy Homemade Dog Treats

Make your own pet treats with these easy dog cookie recipes. Your best friend will love home-made cookies!

Dog licking his lips for homemade dog cookies
It is nice for everyone to have a treat now and again! Why not take a little time to make a cookie for your dog. You know that the way to your pet’s heart is through his stomach.

Making dog cookies is easy – there are lots of recipes to choose from. They are easy to adapt to suit your dogs taste – and you can feel happy he is getting a treat without nasty additives or coloring. Just healthy goodness!

Because my pet Luigi needs Allergy Free Cookies, most of my recipes can be adapted. Make your cookie to suit the size of your dog, or make them extra small as delicious training treats.

Here are some of the cookie recipes that my dog Luigi really likes.

Wheat Free Spring Bone Cookies

This is one of the easiest recipes to start with. Super easy – yet super tasty. Wheat Free. A simple cheesy cookie.

Home Made Carrot Cookies

Lots of vitamins are packed into these carrot cookies. A nice healthy treat for your best friend.

Homemade Parmesan Dog Cookies

The parmesan flavour makes these cookies a real hit.

Cheesy Chunks Dog Cookies

These ‘cheesy chunks’ are take a little longer to make because you have to grate the cheese. But they can be made without wheat flour if you have a sensitive dog. A good basic recipe that you can use to try lots of variations.

I hope your dog enjoys these cookie recipes and you enjoy making them.

Would your pet like a biscuit instead? Try one of these dog biscuit recipes.

Need a no cook recipe? These easy homemade dog treats are the simplest of all.

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