The right dog training treats will make all the difference to your dogs motivation. But what sort should you use? Find out how to make your own, or find the best suppliers.

Using treats is the best way to train your dog. The treats are a positive reinforcement when your dog does the right thing – and they keep the training session interesting and fun for him. Many trainers recommend rewarding you dog for doing something well, rather than punishing him for doing the wrong thing.

Small, tasty treats are great to use. If you are not sure how big to make the treat, or what to look for, then find out how to choose the best training treats for dogs.

You will probably get through a lot of treats if you are training, so you don’t want to use anything that will fill him up, or make him fat.

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It is best to use a wide variety of snacks when trying to train your pet. This will make things more interesting for him (he will never be quite sure what is coming next!), but also helps to avoid your dog developing allergies to a food type. If there is a particular food that your dog really likes, then you can save this for when you are asking your dog to work really hard for you.

You need to be able to reward your dog quickly and easily when it does the right thing. If you leave it too long, the dog will forget what it has done and you may accidentally reward the wrong behavior. An apron with large pockets is perfect for keeping dog snacks close at hand, especially in the house. Outside, it is useful to have a training treat bag.

Many people worry that their dog will get used to getting treats and not do anything without one. In ‘The Culture Clash‘ by Jean Donaldson she explains that you want to be like a ‘slot machine’ and not a ‘soft drinks machine’. If you put money into a soft drinks machine (ie. perform the trick) then you expect something back every time. But you will put money into a slot machine over and over without winning – in the hope of getting the jackpot.

Once your dog has learnt a command, you can train your dog to see you as a fruit machine by not giving the treat every single time he obeys. Reward him half the time, then only sometimes.

Not sure what treats to use?

If you prefer to buy, then check out these training treat reviews.

It is fun and easy to make your own dog snacks. There are lots of recipes on this site – why not start by making your own healthy dog training treats.

You don’t have to have a major cooking session to make different varieties of treats in one go! Just cook up a batch, keep what you need – and freeze the rest. You will soon build up a freezer full of many varieties of dog training treats that you can ‘pick and mix’ from.

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