Make Your Own Dog Treats!

Looking for great dog treat recipes?

Dogs love to have you bake them up a tasty snack. And there is something really nice about knowing exactly what ingredients have gone into your pets food.

When you make your own pet biscuits or cookies, you can really tailor your baking to suit your pets taste buds – and help them with any health problems they may have.

Always introduce a new treat ingredient a little bit at a time so you can watch for any bad reactions it may cause.

Here are some of my best recipes. Simply click on an image to go to the recipe pages.

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I have made each recipe myself to make sure that it works – but it is important that you measure the ingredients carefully and follow the instructions.

If you are new to baking, then I have some tips on how to make your own dogs treats – this will really help you to be successful.

Feel free to take a recipe and experiment! You know what your pet likes to eat best of all. It is easy to add something he loves, or take something out if you know he hates it!

I am sure you will soon have some four-legged friends hanging around outside the kitchen, waiting for something wonderful to happen!

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