Do you have dogs with allergies?

Allergies can effect many different breeds (although small dogs in particular seem to suffer with them). These can be seasonal – effecting the eyes and causing sneezing – or food related skin conditions. Many dogs are allergic (or sensitive) to wheat and corn.

It is important to firstly check if you pet has any of these dog food allergy symptoms – if so, then taking grains out of their diet will often work wonders.

Trying to help my dog with allergies is what prompted me to put together this website. Switching my dog to a grain free raw dog food diet has made him happier and healthier. The constant itching has gone and he now has lots more energy (not sure that is a good thing!).

But it isn’t always itching that is the problem. A reader sent me these holistic homemade dog food recipes that he used to cure his German Shepherd mix of tummy troubles.

If you think your dog is suffering then I hope the information on this site can help.



Tell us about your pet problems

I would love to hear your dog allergy story.

Sharing how you helped your dog will be very helpful to other readers who have the same, or similar problems. Why not take a few minutes to tell everyone what treatments you have been trying – and whether they have been successful.

Dogs with Allergies - Sharing your story
Disclaimer – Please note I am not a vet and cannot give you medical or other advice about your dogs health. I hope that by sharing information we can help each other – but the suggestions here are not intended to replace professional advice – and acting on any information here is your own responsibility.

Share your ‘dogs with allergies’ story!

Do you have a dog with allergies? Why not share your story. Tell us about your dog and the problems he has had. How have you changed his diet? What is working for you now – and what didn’t work?

Just let us know in the comment box below!

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Dogs With Allergies — 3 Comments

  1. What a great story. I am so glad you found a diet that works for him. I think more and more people are finding their dogs do best on a gluten free or wheat free diet so I am sure manufacturers will start to develop more treats eventually! In the meantime, I hope you find some of the recipes on the site useful.

  2. …….now if I could make or find a treat that is chicken (that means no eggs) and gluten/grain-free, life would be great! Those Beef Lungs I’m buying for my allergic Boxer are terribly expensive. Anybody?
    Lee Taylor