These easy homemade dog treats are the simplest of all recipes for a doggy snack, and Luigi loves them.

easy homemade dog treats in bowl
There is no cooking at all for this recipe – just a little chopping. You can make these in a flash!


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Ideas for safe and easy dog treats


  • Cheese. 
  • Apple. 
  • Carrot. 
  • Broccoli. 
  • Peas. 
  • Hot Dog. 
  • Peperoni. 
  • Chicken. 

Simply chop the ingredients into cubes (adjust the size to suit your pet).

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The vegetables are packed with vitamins so make a very healthy snack. And crunchiness of the raw vegetables will be very good for your pet’s teeth.

Use them separately, or mix them together to make a healthy trail mix. These are also good for using in food dispensers.

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Most raw fruit and vegetables are fine for your pet to eat – but do look at my dangerous dog treats page to be sure it is a safe food. There are a few things that you may be surprised about.

If your four legged friend isn’t keen on the taste of vegetables then you can brush them with some beef stock. Or toss them in the frying pan quickly after you have fried up some bacon. Most dogs can’t resist them then! (I think you will find they are already in the kitchen waiting for this one!)

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easy homemade dog treats in bowl
I hope your pet enjoys these simple tasty homemade treats as much as Luigi does. And that you have a lot of fun making them.

If you have any questions about how to make them – then you can ask me and I will try to answer for you.

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