Summer Treats and Recipes

Frozen dog treats are the perfect treat to cool your pooch on a hot summers day. Dogs love to lick on the ice, and it is a great way to keep them occupied and happy when the sun is blazing.

You can freeze almost anything – and even cubes of water in their water bowl is a refreshing treat. If you want to get a bit more adventurous, then you will be pleased to hear that frozen treats are easy and fun to make! They make really healthy dog treats that your pooch will love!

If you don’t want to make them yourself, then there are some great products available in the freezer departments of supermarkets these days. Check out these frozen dog treat reviews.

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What to Freeze

There are so many things that you can freeze successfully that your four legged friend will enjoy. Here are some of our favorites :

  • Fruit

Fruit is great to freeze and pets with a sweet tooth will love it. Bananas and apple chunks freeze well – try mashing banana with yogurt or a little honey into a puree and freezing in containers or inside a kong.

Want more ideas? See my frozen fruit treats for dogs.

  • Vegetables

Precooked vegetables can be frozen in broth or water, either pureed or in chunks. We make a popsicle of raw carrot chunks and peas (with water) for our dogs – they lick the ice to free the veggies. Yum. 

  • Baby Food

Baby food is a quick and easy frozen treat idea. Choose jars that are low in sugar (and have no onions in the ingredients). You could use baby desserts or savory meals. Applesauce makes a good substitute too. 

  • Meat

Yes, you can freeze meat chunks too. Hot dogs and sausages are good frozen individually. You can also make a popsicle by stirring cooked chicken or other meat into broth or water. 

  • Dairy

Used in moderation, dairy products such a yogurt make a great base for doggy ice creams. We have also used small amounts of buttermilk and custard. Why not try my ice cream recipes? 

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter works great in the freezer. And you can mix it with other ingredients for a yummy dessert. Try this easy recipe for frozen treats. 

  • Flavored Gelatin

Sugar free gelatin (like Jell-O) freezes well and make a nice change. Follow the instructions on the packet to make, and pour it into a dish (over pieces of fruit) when it has cooled. Freeze then slice. 

Frozen Dog Treats

Tips and Techniques

Here are some things to know about freezing for your pooch!

  • Containers – You can freeze your liquid treats in a variety of containers, but it is best to choose something that matches the size of your pet. If you think ice cubes may be a choking hazard, then freeze in larger blocks that your dog can lick. We use empty margarine tubs or freeze the treat inside kongs. 
  • Frozen dog treats can be messy. They are great to give outdoors or round the pool – but try to keep them in the food bowl if you are indoors. 
  • Keep an eye on your dog and limit consumption. Too much ice on their stomachs can cause bloat. 
  • Frozen foods are great to help your dog keep cool – but do not feed icy treats if you suspect your pet is dehydrated or has heat stroke. You will find a list of the symptoms and what to do about it on this site. 
  • Keep the dairy ingredient of any treats you make low. Large amounts can cause diarrhea in some dogs. 

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  1. regarding the sugar free jello – not safe for dogs, it contains artificial sweetener, as do some yogurts. . . . just make sure to read all the labels of whatever you put in.