Fruit dog treats are a really healthy snack for dogs and are a really healthy way for your dog to snack.

These great vegetarian dog treats are liked by most dogs – but start carefully. A lot of a strange food at once can upset your dog’s system.

This page has some great ideas for using fruit as treats, including some frozen snacks!

Fruit Dog Treats
Almost all fruits can be used except grapes (and raisins), avocado and green tomatos. And watch out for seeds or stones which are poisonous to dogs.

Fruit Treat Ideas

There are lots of ways you can make treats from fruits. Here are some of our favorites :

  • Fruit Salads

Dogs often like pieces of fruit as a treat on their own. Pop them into the freezer first for a crunchy version. Strawberries, raspberries and melons are usually well received!

  • Smoothies

Wikipedia says that smoothies originated in Brazil. They make a great snack for dogs as well as humans. You can use almost any smoothie recipe – but never add chocolate, and keep the amount of dairy you add as low as possible because it can upset some dogs. Your dog probably won’t mind if you don’t add milk or yogurt at all.

Smoothie Dog Treat Recipe


  • 1 cup melon (no seeds)
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 banana


Puree the fruit together in a blender to make a smoothie.

Once you have made the smoothie, you can either serve it straight away, or freeze in containers to make a special fruit popsicle. This site has lots of other smoothie recipes you could try.

Don’t forget that you can stir in applesauce instead of pureeing apples for your smoothie.

Easy Fruit Treat Recipe

Here is an easy fruit treat recipe that our dogs enjoy.


  • 2 kiwi fruit.
  • 1 cup low fat yogurt.

How to make the dog treats

  1. Mash the kiwi fruit.
  2. Mix fruit and yogurt together
  3. Pour into containers (such as an ice cube tray) and freeze.

Do experiment with this recipe. Sometimes we use 1 banana instead of the kiwi. And flavored yogurt (try strawberry) makes a nice variation.

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a great superfood to give to your pet (see pumpkin for dogs. Don’t forget to add it to your smoothies or salad. Canned cooked pumpkin also works really well as a frozen treat. Just freeze it in a container as is, or mix with a little yogurt.

I hope your dog enjoys these fruit treats. See what other healthy treats you can make.

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