Do you need to make gluten free dog treats for your pet?

Because my dog Luigi has allergies, we have to be very carefully what we feed him. I know how difficult it can be to be sure that the things your dog eats will not cause allergy symptoms.

Making your own treats gives you a lot of control about the ingredients going into them. I have pulled together for you a list of my recipes that will help you to make homemade gluten free treats with confidence.

Wheat freeNote: Is your pet ok to eat gluten as long as it is wheat free? Try my wheat free dog treat recipes instead.

Gluten Free Dog Treat Recipes:

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Wheat Free Spring Bones

Vegetarian dog biscuits (be sure to use rice flour).

Peanut Butter and Banana Treats (use rice flour to make them gluten free).

Cheesy Cookies

Crunchy Swirl Biscuits

Pumpkin Halloween Treats

Basic Hypoallergenic Recipe

Frozen Fruit dog treats

Dog Ice Cream

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Do experiment with the recipes to add ingredients that you think your dog will love. There is no need for your dog to miss out on delicious treats just because he has allergies.

If you want to make gluten free treats using other recipes from my site, then just make sure you avoid using wheat flour or oats. I have a list of flours you can substitute in the recipes to make them healthier for your dog. When baking with non-wheat flour you may need to adjust the levels of liquid you use to get the right texture. Many of them absorb liquid differently to wheat flour. Just add the liquid slowly and keep adding until you get a dough that seems right. If your dough isn’t binding together properly (it is the lack of gluten that causes this problem), then just add an egg to help everything stick together.

If you are new to baking then do check out the tips on my how to make dog treats page.

I hope your dog enjoys the delicious treats soon to be coming his way!

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