Dogs love treats – but it’s just like snacking between meals!

Healthy dog treats will make sure your pet stays healthy and in good condition.

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Some dog treats are high in sugar and salt, or full of preservatives. But it is also possible to feed your pet snacks that are packed with vitamins and minerals – and actually help your pooch to look and feel better. Just a little bit of information will mean you can choose healthy treats for dogs with confidence.

Making your own treats with these healthy treat recipes for dogs will give you control over what your dog is eating.

When you bake a recipe you know exactly what is going into it – and you can choose healthy ingredients. Pumpkin for dogs for example, is a great nutritious treat that will fill dogs up without piling on the pounds.

If you are buying treats, then the same things apply. It is easy to find good suppliers when you know what you are looking for. Here are my healthy treat reviews.

Wheat Free Dog Treats

If your dog is suffering from dog food allergies then wheat free dog treats are a good way to help your dog feel healthier and free from symptoms.

Healthy Recipes

Still looking for the perfect treat to keep your pet healthy? Here are some recipes to get you started.

Healthy treat recipes for dogs

Healthy dog training treats.

Vegetarian dog treat recipes.

Dogs with Allergies share their storiesDoes your dog have allergies?

What treatments and diets have you tried? Have they been successful?

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