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Baking for your dog can really help to keep him healthy and happy! Homemade dog food recipes can play a big part in keeping your dog around for many years to come.

In this site I have shared my favorite dog treat recipes – all the different treats I have tried from my dogs.

And now it is your chance to do the same!

Do you have a recipe that your dogs love? Or a story about how a change in diet helped him back to health? We would love you to share it!

Tell us all about the recipe your dogs love the most. Don’t forget to include a list of ingredients – and any baking or cooking instructions. You can even send a picture of your dog too! It is nice to see who has been enjoying all those lovely treats.

Just after ideas? No worries – you can read other readers recipes here!

I hope you enjoy them and give making them a try. And if you need some help, check out my 3 step guide to help you make your own dog treats. Once you have made them, why not come back and rate them? Do leave a comment to tell how you slightly altered the recipe to make your dog love it more.

Share your homemade dog food recipes!

Sometimes we have to spend quite a bit of time to find a recipe that our dog loves – or one that helps with health problems.

Do you have a great recipe for dog food or dog treats? Share it! It is a great way to help other dogs benefit from your dedication!

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Holistic Home-Made Dog Food Recipe 
For the first year or so of owning my German shepherd mix she always had issues with her food. Without being too graphic she had the typical tummy problems …

Puppy Trail Mix Recipe Not rated yet


  • 1 handful of Berkley and Jensen Small Dog Biscuits.
  • 1 handful of any Frolick animal snackers,


Smash the …

Many thanks to all our contributers here who are helping us to bake up some extra love for our four legged friends. I really appreciate you taking the time to share.

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