Nina Ottosson Twister Dog Game Review

The Nina Ottosson Twister interactive dog toy is perfect for bored pooches who need something to keep them busy. Here is my review – and some videos showing how Luigi and Nero got on with it!

About the Twister Interactive Activity Game

This activity toy tests your dog’s intelligence, and stops him chewing the furniture! The toy has a circular base, with individual slots, which can be covered by moving triangle pieces of plastic, meaning the treats can be covered, and uncovered.

The aim of this interactive dog toy is simple. He has to get the treats by moving the triangle pieces which cover the grooves, either with his nose or paw. Then he can get the treat! All you have to do is hide treats in the slots, cover them up and encourage your dog to get them out. It is the perfect form of entertainment for any dog, giving him hours of fun to perfect the game.

The toy itself is very well built, and easy for the dog to use. Its easy to place the treats, as the coverings move easily, meaning your dog can also get to them easily. You can set it at different levels of difficulty, and it doesn’t matter what size or shape your dog is, as long as he likes treats. It does have another level of difficulty, which involves your dog having to take out little bone shaped pegs which stop the coverings moving, but I found these quite a nuisance, and as I didn’t use them, they just lie around!

Here are some tips to get your dog started.

Start by placing a treat in a slot, and showing your dog you put it there. Then half close the hole, and encourage your dog to nose it forward. Do this until he seems to get the idea, and then try covering the treat completely. He may continue to use his nose, or if you’re lucky, his paw. Once he can reliably get a few treats out, with help, try filling the whole thing up.

I find that Nero has the tendency just to stare vacantly at where the treat was (poor boy!), and that showing it to him again, then covering it before he can eat it helps. Try patting the hole the treat is in, to let the dog know where it is, and if he seems to be loosing hope, make it easy for him. It’s just a game, and every dog goes at a different pace (the difference between Luigi and Nero was huge).


Its easy entertainment for your dog. It tests their intelligence. It’s fun. It is interactive and is a good way for you to play with your pet. It makes them work for their snack.


If your dog is not treat motivated, he won’t do this. The toy gets covered in dog slaver and snot. It moves around, giving the dog a fright. It’s quite loud. You have to be there with him, or he’ll lose interest.

So I would recommend this toy, though it is not something your dog can really do on his own. But it is great fun to watch him try to figure it out, and help him. My boys love it, and consider using it quite a treat indeed.

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