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Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs

Looking for the perfect peanut butter dog treat?

Dogs love the taste of peanut butter and it makes a great addition to their diet. Perfect to use as a dog training treat.

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Peanut butter has the vitamins H and E in it. This is a great treat for your pet. The first vitamin will increases the sheen of your dog’s coat, and the strengthen it’s nails. The second helps your dog’s immune system, which keeps him healthy and helps fight off disease.

Many peanut butter treats include lots of salt and sugar, so read the packaging before your choose.

Nature Dog

These snacks are Wheat free, soy free, corn free and contain no artificial coloring, flavoring or animal by-products – so are good for dogs with food allergies.

They include goats milk which is rich in proteins. They are not vegetarian treats however, as they do contain Lamb. They are nice small treats, perfect as a dog training treat.

Best Buddy Bits

This vegetarian dog treat is cholesterol-free. They do contain wheat, salt and sugar, so not the healthiest of the treats reviewed.

However, they are reasonably priced and a nice small size. Good for training.

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Zuke’s Mini Bakes

These Peanut Butter n’ Blueberry bakes are all natural and wheat & corn free. The treats are vegetarian and small enough to use for training (although you can break them into smaller pieces if needed). They are 5 calories a treat – and good enough to eat yourself!

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I hope these reviews give you somewhere to start.

It is important to check packages carefully when choosing a treat for your pet. Many pre-packaged cookies and biscuits contain preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. Choosing the best will keep your pooch in tip-top condition.

One good way to ensure that only the best ingredients are used is to make your own dog treats. This is a really fun thing to do – and much easier than you might expect! Follow my tips to success and your four-legged friends are sure to thank you for it.

Whatever type of treat you choose, remember that it is still ‘eating between meals’! Keep nibbles to a minimum – no more than 10% of total diet. Small dogs in particular can gain weight very quickly so you need to be careful about the quantity of food they eat.

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