Dog Treat Reviews
Want to know how to choose the best training treats for dogs? Find out the best size and type to use in your training sessions.

When training, you will get though a lot of treats. It is best to choose ones that won’t fill your dog up or make him fat. The treats should be easily digestible – soft ones are good because they will be eaten quickly. You don’t want your dog taking too long to chew – or searching around for crumbs and not paying attention.

A wide variety of treats will keep your dog interested and be less likely to cause him allergies.

If you think a treat is causing your dog to have an upset tummy, then don’t use it anymore.

Treats should be very small and tasty. You can save ‘high value’ food that your dog loves for when your dog is working really hard for you. Most dog trainers use tiny pieces of meat such as chicken, hot dogs, bacon or sausage – or tiny pieces of cheese. Dog liver treats are easy to make and loved by most dogs.

Training treats for dogs - dog lying down
You can buy some good training treats – check out these dog training treat reviews. It is also fun and easy to make your own healthy dog training treats.

Not sure how big to make them? Here is a great video peek inside a treat bag by Dogmantics.

Have fun experimenting with your dog in finding the best treats for your pet. For more ideas, check out my page on dog training treats.


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